About Inspired Pilot

The Inspired Pilot Podcast?

This will be a show where I interview inspiring pilots, pilots with inspiring journeys from all around the world. Each episode I will highlight the life of our featured pilot, follow their journey and how they got to where they are now.

We’ll examine how and why they got started, the decisions made along the way, experiences gained and lessons learned. All this with the view to INSPIRE seasoned pilots, mere mortal relatively lower hour pilots like myself, wannabe pilots and pilot enthusiasts alike, by guests sharing their inspiring journey’s

Just to give you an example of the spectrum of our guests, we are going to be talking to pilots from all areas of the aviation industry, from airline pilots, bush pilots, flight instructors, private pilots, bizjet, military and even retired pilots.​

The Why

I wanted to start this podcast for a number of reasons:

Firstly People learn the best by the sharing of stories, Stories from people who have done it, who have already journeyed on their own path.

I have always found the stories and experiences of more experienced pilots interesting and where suitable, taken the key points or any lessons learned from these stories and applied them to my own personal pilot journey.

Just as an example, in many flying clubs and online forums, stories and information are shared all the time, enabling pilots at all differences stages of their flying journeys to benefit.

Secondly, I am a really big consumer of podcasts and love the podcast medium as its totally portable, you can listen on demand, when and where you where you want. I personally listen to podcasts whilst in my car during commutes etc.

And finally, this is a podcast that I would want to listen too. A weekly podcast about inspiring YOU to take YOUR pilot journey to the next level if you so wish.

Moving forward

Moving Forward I want to get a diverse range of guests on the show and possibly increase the frequency of the show.

Again before I sign off, I’d like to Thank you again the Inspired Pilot listener for checking out the show and if you do like it, show your support and make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you are notified when new episodes are released in iTunes and provide a 5 star rating with an honest review.

Also don’t forget to share the show with your fellow pilots, friends and family.

Your support will enable the show to gain traction and allow more people to be inspired by this free resource of the insights of the journey’s of inspiring pilots from around the world.

My goal is make this podcast the best it can be so do I welcome feedback from YOU the Inspired Pilot listener, visit the contact page and send me a message.

About Me

Marvyn Robinson Inspired Pilot PodcastMy name is Marvyn Robinson and I am from and live in the UK. I am Married, have 2 beautiful Daughters and a handsome Son. I have a background in IT, Online Marketing and Web Development.

I have held my Private Pilots Licence with Single Engine Piston rating since (PPL SEP) 2007. I did have an inadvertent 2 year break which happened to coincide with when I got married, but I’ll say no more about that!

With just less than 200hrs total, I am still a relatively low houred pilot, but I really am keen as, love everything about flying and do really appreciate the privilege that my Licence bestows on me. I currently fly a Piper PA-28 Arrow and a Cessna 182 Skylane. I personally love nothing more than filling up the aircraft and flying away for the weekend with the family.