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What does it take to become a pilot?  Join us as Brent Blue gives us insight into his inspiring pilot journey. Dr. Brent Blue MD Inspired Pilot Podcast Episode 22

Brent Blue is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner who introduced Digital Pulse Oximetry to general aviation in 1995. He has been the team doctor for the US Unlimited Aerobatic team at the world competition in Hungary and lectures extensively on Hypoxia and carbon monoxide at altitude.Dr. Blue flies a Cessna 340, a Cessna 185, and a 450 Stearman out of his home airport near Jackson Hole in the United States.

Starting Out

  • Brent grew up in Louisville, Kentucky near Bowman Field which was an active general aviation airport back then.
  • Flying was something that he always wanted to do so at the age of 20, he earned his PPL at Nashville, Tennessee International Airport.
  • The training environment made Brent accustomed to high-traffic flying as well as communicating comfortably with air traffic controllers.

Initial Training Challenges

  • Brent was disconcerted with his flight instructor’s teaching method who lets him make mistakes first, then correcting him as opposed to telling him how to do it correctly and making sure that he understood the right way to do it.

The Aircraft Types Brent Blue MD in Stearman with Smoke in Spokane Episode 22 Inspired Pilot Podcast (2)

Best Flying Advice

  • Things do not get better when something is starting to go wrong.

The Journey

  • Even with time and financial constraints, Brent who was in med school that time continued to earn his instrument rating during a 10-day vacation. Brent Blue MD Episode 22 Inspired Pilot Podcast
  • While taking his residency in California, he continued flying where his skills as a pilot proved useful for tending patients in nearby community hospitals.
  • Moved north of San Francisco where he became an Aviation Medical Examiner. He also bought a Cessna 182 and flew as much as he could.
  • Eventually moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He sold his 182 and put off flying for 6 years due to time constraints from having kids and new medical practice.
  • Established to provide medical and safety products to pilots.

Current Flying

  • Currently flying for personal reasons such as family events and get-together with friends.

Proudest Flying Moment

  • Acquiring his airline transport rating because he liked the idea that he has the same level of aviation attainment with airline pilots.

Future Plans & Aspirations Brent Blue in Helo Episode 22 Inspired Pilot Podcast

Flying Internet Resource

  • Aviation Consumer Magazine:  Online and offline magazine which is a good objective evaluator of aircraft and aircraft accessories.

Best Aviation Book

In a provocative and sometimes controversial style, this guide starts where standard-issue flight training manuals leave off. The Thinking Pilot guides you deeply into topics that weren’t taught in flight training-everything from how to really do a preflight, through keeping your passengers happy, scud running, precautionary landings, and how to survive a crash.

Favourite Cockpit Gadget

  • XM WX Aviation Weather: From runway and takeoff to final approach and landing, the XM WX Satellite Weather onboard boosts pilots’ situational awareness through interactive graphical weather updates on compatible displays.

Interview Links

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